“All we did was post the job on the Internet, and we quickly received just the right number of applications from qualified, capable, motivated people.”


Problem: You need qualified tech consultants now without spending hours posting jobs, reviewing resumes and interviewing people who are a poor fit.

Solution 1: Pay for multiple job platforms that have millions of consultants; collect hundreds of resumes and applications; schedule dozens of interviews.

Solution 2: Contact Solstice Consulting Group and use a simplified system that saves you time and delivers better-matched tech consultants.

Why Us?

Companies managing IT projects who need to supplement them with resource expertise on a contract basis come to us to quickly identify people that are capable and motivated.

Between LinkedIn, Monster, Dice, and dozens of other databases available, there is no shortage of access to IT resumes. Anyone who has had to recruit for specific IT roles will tell you how difficult it can be to find a great fit for any given role, despite having access to more people and information than ever before.

More isn’t better. Better is better.

We have a unique, proven Recruiting Playbook© that systematically and more quickly identifies consultants who are the right fit for your project. Those aren’t just words. Put us to the test.

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We’re here for you.

We do not have a high-turnover, aggressive sales staff with quotas to fill. We confidently take on only clients when we're confident we'll do a stellar job.

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About Us

Solstice Consulting Group is a Michigan-based company managed by Elizabeth Newbould and Steve Acho.

Elizabeth Newbould

Elizabeth Newbould

ELIZABETH NEWBOULD is a business professional and published author with over 20 years of experience primarily focused on data, business intelligence and analytics systems.

As a business professional she has:
  • Successfully implemented and continuously improved business intelligence and analytics systems for Fortune 100 companies
  • Worked as a co-author and technical editor on internationally published books on the topic of Business Intelligence
  • Trained hundreds of corporate users on the benefits and techniques necessary to utilize a corporation’s biggest asset: it’s data.
  • Successfully managed implementation of large-scale Global BI projects
On the personal side she has:
  • Launched a side travel and portrait photography business
  • Traveled extensively all over the world including Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, Central America and South America
Steve Acho

Steve Acho

STEVE ACHO is a bilingual (Japanese/English) business professional and published author with international corporate management and entrepreneurial experience.

As a business professional he has:
  • Created a proven system for efficiently identifying and sourcing tech consultants that match clients’ needs
  • Effectively partnered with major businesses to help solve IT problems utilizing the right team of business-savvy, technically proficient consultants
  • Personally advised CEOs of multi-billion dollar and Fortune 100 companies on expanding their businesses in Japan
  • Successfully managed implementation of large-scale Global IT projects
  • Authored internationally published books that 1) help Westerners work more effectively with their Japanese counterparts, and 2) help independent musicians understand how to make money from their music
On the personal side he has:
  • Launched a side music business selling over to 50 million downloads and streams of music across the world, and performing in multiple countries
  • Helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities across the U.S. and globally, and received awards for his work with Karmanos Institute